Family: Ranunculaceae
Common name: Persian buttercup

Origin: Asia Minor

Flower color: white, yellow, pink, gold, orange, red and mixed

Flowering period: June – August

Average plant height: 12 – 24 inches

Planting depth to base of bulbs: 1 – 2 inches

Spacing between bulbs: 3 inches

Type of bulb: corm with fleshy thickened roots (called ‘claws’)

Light requirements: sunny (afternoon sun)

Landscape uses: border, beds. Also grown as a cut flower in the garden.

Planting tip

Each Ranunculus corm produces several flower stems. The foliage dies down in the summer. It is advisable to soak the corms (claws) for an hour before you plant them. Otherwise, water well when planting.

Principal varieties

All common hybrids have been developed from breeding Ranunculus asiaticus. Tecolote (peony-flowered) hybrids from California are the most commonly sold. There are other peony-flowering varieties from Israel and France.