Botanical tulips

Dwarf tulip

Botanical tulips are small, delicate tulips, which is why they are also known as dwarf tulips. In addition to their short length, they can be recognized by their star-shaped flowers. Another difference with ‘regular’ tulips is that its bulbs will multiply underground. This means that they continue to produce new bulbs, so you can enjoy the flowering every year. Many botanical tulips are real frontrunners, because they flower very early. Did you know that they grow in the wild on the island of Crete?


In early spring, insects don’t have many flowers available, although they are in fact much needed to provide food for bees and butterflies. Because many botanical tulips bloom early and produce a relatively large amount of pollen and nectar, which are also easily accessible for insects, they bring considerable added value to biodiversity in the garden. These botanical tulips are hugely attractive to these small but all-important insects. They will feast on them!


The best planting time for botanical tulips is the fall, provided it is not freezing. They are strong flowers that will withstand wind and weather. These tulips take pride of place in all kinds of areas in the garden, but also in flower boxes and rock gardens. What is most important is that they get some sunlight. Plant the bulbs with the tip pointing up. Flower bulbs are planted at a depth of about three times the height of the bulb. But because botanical tulips multiply, it is fine to plant them a little deeper. Allow the leaves to die off on their own, this will help the bulbs to store reserves for the coming year.

Bulb varieties

Botanical tulips are available in every color apart from blue. With their cream and white flowers, Tulipa turkestanica and Tulipa tarda are the best known varieties. Tulipa ‘Lilac Wonder’ and Tulipa ‘Lady Jane’ both have pastel-colored flowers. Tulipa ‘Toronto’ and Tulipa sylvestris are highly recommended for lovers of red and yellow tulips. If you fancy something unusual, you could opt for the red-white Tulipa ‘Pinocchio’ with beautiful red-white petals or Tulipa acuminata with graceful narrow petals.

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