Narcissus bulbocodium

Family: Amaryllidaceae

Flowering time: February – March

Growing height: 10 – 15 cm

Planting distance: 5 cm

Type of bulb: bulb

Commonly called the hoop-petticoat daffodil, along with several other species, Narcissus bulbocodium is native to Western France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco and is by far the most common and widespread of the hoop-petticoat daffodils.

It grows in a variety of situations from near sea-level in France and Portugal to over 3,000m in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It prefers an acid soil which retains plenty of moisture in the spring growing season and a sunny spot.

It has narrow, dark green leaves between 10-40cm (4-16in) long and bears funnel-shaped deep yellow flowers 3.5cm (11/2in) across, with expanded trumpets. The leaves look like grass.