Family: Iridaceae
Common names: wand flower and corn lily

Origin: South Africa

Flower color: various colors

Flowering period: June – August

Average plant height: 12 – 18 inches

Planting depth to base of bulbs: 3 inches

Spacing between bulbs: 3 inches

Type of bulb: corm

Light requirements: any location is suitable in the full sun (afternoon sun)

Landscape uses: border, beds and perennial gardens and in pots. Excellent as a cut flower.

Ixia has sword-shaped leaves and long stems with star-shaped flowers. There are 30 – 40 Ixia species.

Principal varieties 

  • ‘Panorama’ – white with purple red 
  • ‘Rose Emperor’ – soft pink 
  • ‘Spotlight’ – yellow-red 
  • ‘Titia’ – fuchsia-red 
  • ‘Venus’ – magenta-red 
  • ‘Giant’ – ivory white tips with a dark center 
  • ‘Hogarth’ – cream colored with a red-purple center 
  • ‘Marquette’ – sulfur yellow tips with purple black center 
  • ‘Vulcan’ – orange-red