Family: Amaryllidaceae
Common names: spider lily (syn. Ismene festalis), summer daffodil, Sea daffodil, Peruvian daffodil.

Origin: Peru

Flower color: pale white-yellow

Flowering period: mid June – July

Average plant height: 12 – 24 inches

Planting depth to base of bulbs: bulb just under ground level, neck just above the surface

Spacing between bulbs: 8 inches, or 1 bulb in a 5-inch pot

Type of bulb: true bulb

Light requirements: sheltered and sunny (afternoon sun)


The flowers of the Hymenocallis look more like a daffodil flower than a lily flower and this is why its common names refer to these two flowers. The flowers have a long cup with projecting stamens. There are no leaves on the stem, and the flowers are fragrant. Hymenocallis is suited to growing outside in a sunny spot, but is most often used in pots and containers.

Principal varieties

  • Hymenocallis ‘Advance’ – white 
  • Hymenocallis ‘Sulphur Queen’ – creme yellow 
  • Hymenocallis festalis – white 
  • Hymenocallis festalis ‘Zwanenburg’ – white (an improved H. festalis) 
  • Hymenocallis harrisiana – white