Family: Amaryllidaceae

Original habitat: the warmer areas of South America

Flower color: White

Flowering period: From spring to late fall; some species flower during the winter

Plant height: up to 24 inches

Type of bulb: true bulb

Applications: When grown outside, they require warm temperatures; even in sun lounges, the temperature will have to be at least 59 degrees Fahrenheit combined with a high relative humidity. The bulbs have to be planted in the spring and, since they do not like being transplanted, they should be left in the same pot for a couple of years. The Eucharis’ delightful scent also makes it an excellent cut flower. Planting tips:

Eucharis is Greek for “very decorative”. This bulbous plant has wide, deep green leaves and beautiful white flowers with a lovely fragrance. Each plant produces up to two clusters of flowers.

Planting tips

  • Replacing the upper layer of soil in the spring is also recommended.
  • When planting in pots, give them plenty of room, e.g. 6 bulbs in a pot 12 inches in diameter,
  • Use rich organic soil.
  • Cover the bulbs with enough soil that the bulbs are standing firmly upright in the pot.
  • Once the bulbs begin to root, fertilizer can be applied.
  • After flowering, reduce the water being given but do not let the bulbs become dry.

Various species

Although there are 8 known species of Eucharis, only a few are commercially cultivated.

  • Eucharis bakeriana: This species was introduced from Colombia in 1890. Its 4 to 5 deep green leaves that grow to be 18 inches in length emerge right above the soil’s surface without any stem. The plant produces white flowers with green in the centers. When planted in the spring, they flower in early summer; perennialized bulbs will flower earlier in the year.
  • Eucharis candida: This species, also from Colombia, was introduced in 1851. The flower stem rises above the leaves and can grow to 24 inches in height. It blooms early in the summer and can even have two flowering periods. It requires copious watering during its growing period. After flowering, keep the plants barely moist but do not allow them to dry out completely.
  • Eucharis grandiflora: This species was a former favorite for its white flowers that also bloom in the winter.

Eucharis sanderi: Flowers late in the fall.