Mix flower bulbs now for color next spring

Choose your colors

When creating a mix of flower bulbs, feel free to experiment – with color, for example. Are hot colors your thing? Then choose fiery oranges, reds and yellows. If you can’t get enough of dramatic color combinations, choose contrasting colors like yellow and blue or purple and orange. On the other hand, if you want a tranquil harmonious look, you’ll probably go for pastels. Or you’ll use just one color in various shades – light pink to very deep pink, for example. It all depends on what you like.

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Live it up

Also consider shape and height when creating your mix. Just a few inches tall? Choose a combination including such flower bulbs as Dwarf Iris (Iris reticulata), Fumewort (Corydalis solida), Early Crocus (Crocus tommassinianus) and Grape Hyacinth (Muscari). Maybe you’d like to experiment with different heights. If so, try giant onions (Allium giganteum) that will tower over tulips (Tulipa). Or combine the Crown Imperial (Fritillaria imperialis) with tulips; even in the same flower color, their completely different flower shapes will distinguish one from the other. You could also create a mix of flower bulbs that will bloom at various times. You could then have flowers all through the spring.


Toss together, scatter and plant

For a natural effect, toss the various flower bulb together in a pail or other container. Then scatter them over the ground with the flick of the wrist. Plant them wherever they land. The packaging tells you how deep each kind should be planted. A general rule, however, is to plant a bulb three times as deep as it is tall. A bulb which is 1 inch tall would thus be planted 3 inches deep. Plant the flower bulb with its ‘nose’ (the point) facing upward (this isn’t important for small bulbs). In short: mix them now and enjoy them in the spring!

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  1. Give a personalized mix of flower bulbs as a gift; the recipient will be thinking of you next spring.
  2. Did you know that you can buy ready-made mixes?
  3. Combinations of flower bulbs will also create a beautiful display in pots.

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