Yellow-flowering summer bulbs create a cheerful garden

A paradise

It’s a trend: gardens are slowly changing from paved areas to green oases. This is due to our awareness of feeling better when surrounded by plants. But also because a lush green garden helps to speed up the run-off of excessive rainwater and increases biodiversity. If you decide to turn your garden into a natural paradise, create a dazzling effect by planting yellow-colored summer bulbs.


We associate yellow with energy, growth and cheerfulness. What could be a better way to reinvent your garden? Summer bulbs can be part of a real makeover that doesn’t involve a lot of work. The most familiar ones are dahlias, calla lilies, gladioli (Gladiolus) and lilies (Lilium), but these are just a few of these yellow-flowering cheerer-uppers. Others include begonias, the Tiger Flower (Tigridia) and canna lilies (Canna).


Beautiful combinations of various yellow-flowering summer bulbs will give your garden a natural look. Some produce tall stunning spikes while others bear large round flowers. Some are scented or even bicolored. Summer bulbs are planted in spring once the risk of frost has passed. As soon as they sense the warmth of the sun, they start shooting out of the ground for you to enjoy them.

Yellow flower tips

  • By removing spent flowers from dahlias, you encourage the plants to produce new buds. This way, your dahlias will keep on blooming until the first frost.
  • In addition to the flowers produced by canna lilies (Canna), their large leaves are truly impressive; they resemble the huge leaves of banana plants.
  • Begonias are the perfect solution for people who suffer from hay fever. Their pollen is so heavy that it falls to the ground without floating about in the air.
  • Did you know that what look like the petals of canna lilies are actually beautifully colored spathes? Its real flowers are tiny and located on the spadix hidden inside this spathe.
  • Gladioli (Gladiolus) hardly require any care. All they need is water if the soil becomes very dry.

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