Which trend color will you choose for your flower bulbs?

Color range

It’s a really stunning sight: flower bulbs that start bringing us spring so early in the year. The most gorgeous colors and the sweetest of fragrances cheer up your garden – and you. The most popular spring-flowering bulbs are tulips, crocuses, hyacinths and daffodils. Flower bulbs are available in practically every possible color, so you know you can find ones to match the color palettes for the 2020 garden trends. Would you like to be reveling in the trendiest display of colors in the spring? Then choose flower bulbs in your personally favorite color palette and plant them this fall.

Restoring balance

There’s so much going on around us every day. It’s enough to overstimulate anyone! So many decisions, so many things we have to do. It’s all because we’re constantly tuned in. We’re deluged with information, and woe be to anyone who makes a mistake. To find our way through this chaotic world, we have to ‘destimulate’ ourselves. Flowers like tulips, daffodils and hyacinths actually serve as soft pillows that cushion us from the busy demanding outside world and restore a feeling of calm. Their light pastel flowers help us relax and recharge our batteries. Even the sight and buzz of insects that visit the flowers contribute to this relaxing effect.

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211318_aangepast.jpg 35936_aangepast.jpg

201615_(1) aangepast.jpg 210828_aangepast.jpg

Inner_Retreat 1 (002).jpg

Escaping the bubble

Feeling a bit trapped? As if you’re being stuffed into a much too cramped and limiting pigeonhole? Like many of us, you’d like to escape from the digital bubble and expand your horizons. More transparency and diversity to let the boundaries between, say, generations, genders and backgrounds merge and overlap. The garden trend derived from this modern-day experience combines various cultural influences. Multicolored, country-style flower borders introduce an informal happy look. When it comes to these flower bulb collections, you can choose from soft toned-down colors, bright colors, or more natural colors.

225438_aangepast.jpg 216874_aangepast.jpg

225556_(1) aangepast.jpg 206683_aangepast.jpg

225425_aangepast.jpg 225416_aangepast.jpg

Blended_Cultures 1 (002).jpg

Craving what’s real

In today’s world, we can change anything; with Photoshop, only perfection will do. Society is so focused on perfection, that we’re all starting to look the same. The result is a huge craving for what’s real. What we want is imperfection and freedom. This garden trend results in an unorthodox planting, as if the borders are going a bit wild. But combining flower bulbs in powerful colors with concrete grey, natural beige and industrial black is a deliberate choice that reflects our letting go of unwritten laws and rules.

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211311_aangepast.jpg 225460_aangepast.jpg

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Street_Savage 1 (002).jpg