Using flower bulbs as a buffer between ‘the world out there’ and a serene garden

Information overload

The world is like one big computer screen: watching it can be overwhelming. It’s a case of information overload, but we can’t do without it. How can we return to ‘health’? How can we reduce stress, enjoy life and encourage our sense of well-being? Plants and flowers serve both literally and figuratively as a buffer between the turbulent and highly demanding ‘world out there’ and our need for peace of mind.


Off time

After spending so much time ‘on’, we need to relax and look at the bigger picture. Flowers and plants contribute to making our lives as pleasant as possible because they are good for us and reduce stress. Relax and recharge your batteries by planting flower bulbs like tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and spring snowflakes. They’re not only good for you but also for biodiversity.

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The most important goal in garden design for this trend is creating a sense of tranquility. Create a retreat from the everyday stresses of modern life. The use of flower bulbs serves as a buffer between the chaotic ‘world out there’ and your own restful garden. To do this, plant them in semi-transparent drifts that emphasize the softness of their flowers’ naturally calming pastel colors. Use varieties with a delicate soothing look.