Trend Street Savage – Summer bulbs for gardens that relax the rules

Let’s get real

We live in a world where only perfection will do. Yet focusing on perfection leads to blurring our personal differences. Time for a change! Authenticity – characterized by an interest in imperfection and freedom – is emerging as a value to be appreciated. This is also being seen in gardens full of bright colors that reflect urban and hip-hop influences.


Set those rules aside

Make a conscious decision to ignore those unwritten rules assigned to gardening. Instead, create your own unique and personal look. And what could be better in such a ‘revolutionary’ garden than summer bulbs? Their flowers in many shapes and vivid colors, combined with street influences from the hip-hop scene (what about a graffiti wall?) will give you a bit of that less-than-perfect urban look.

243976_aangepast.jpg 243964_aangepast.jpg

A unique planting

Select summer bulbs such as dahlias, calla lilies, lilies, begonias and cannas for a visually powerful impression. Combine them in eye-catching colors such as orange, red, yellow, purple and pink. Then plant them here and there, and, hey, forget about perfection. It’s what you think that counts! The result will be a unique, unorthodox planting that looks almost as if it planted itself.

77798_aangepast.jpg 244011_aangepast.jpg