Trend Inner Retreat – The healing power of summer bulbs

Plants as a solution

Do you often feel as if your life is in non-stop mode? The daily flood of information can sometimes be too much. Yet we can’t live without it. So, how can we solve this dilemma? One way is to surround yourself with plants. Nature is good for you and helps reduce stress. Time to plant summer bulbs. Their growth process, soft colors and soothing shapes create a sense of tranquility.

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A quiet oasis

Summer bulbs help brighten your garden and make it a spot for a little peace and quiet. By planting summer bulbs in the spring, you create an environment for summer relaxation: a place that absorbs and softens impressions beyond its borders. Observing the emergence and flowering of summer bulbs is like observing the world from behind a veil.


Green healers

Summer bulbs will thrive in either borders or pots. To enhance the natural, serene impression of your little paradise, chose light pastels augmented with natural hues and pink accents. Green healers like begonias, calla lilies and dahlias are perfect for disconnecting yourself from the outside world and attaining a relaxed state of mind. The effect of watching how a bulb produces its flowers is both fascinating and soothing.