Trend Blended Cultures – Summer bulbs for an ethnic look

The need for diversity

Because each of us exists in our own little internet bubble, we feel a need for openness and diversity. What we want is to distance ourselves from this little world and get closer to the real one. This has meant a growing interest in other ethnic groups and making use of products associated with them. In the garden, natural colors accented by vivid hues can create an inviting, casual impression. And summer bulbs are the perfect answer.

243919_aangepast.jpg 243922_aangepast.jpg

A make-over

Summer bulbs make a make-over easy. Plant them in spring and start enjoying their colors and reflection of ethnic qualities as soon as summer begins. Summer bulbs and garden accents combine a local with a global look. These flowers as well as the handmade characteristics of these accents enrich a garden’s casual and vibrant impression. Exactly what we had in mind!


Popular summer bulbs

For that multiculti look, choose summer bulbs in many different bright colors and combine them with ones in more natural hues. Consider orange, yellow, red, green and pink. Dahlias, calla lilies, and gladioli as well as canna lilies (Canna) and the Pineapple Lily (Eucomis) are great choices for introducing these color combinations into the garden. They make it a breeze to give your garden the ethnic look you want.