Top 10 summer bulbs featuring impressive flowers

Flowers from June to the end of October

Did you know that you can plant certain flower bulbs in the spring just like you plant others in the fall? Known as summer bulbs, these beauties display their dazzling flowers during the warmer months: from June until fall. Lilies start blooming as early as June while dahlias will still be in flower in October.

1. Dahlia

Topping the list is the Dahlia. This charming flirt simply doesn’t stop producing its flowers, and they come in a whole range of shapes, heights and colors. It’s a real magnet for butterflies, too!

2. Lily

The size (flowers from 3 to 10 inches across) and boldness of the Lily (Lilium) make it a popular flower that adds an exotic touch to the garden. You can choose from either scented or unscented varieties.

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3. Begonia

This colorful and long-flowering beauty has a wonderful meaning: balance. The Begonia family consists of two groups: the upright and the pendulous varieties. They can be used effectively in both borders and pots.

4. Calla

The elegant flowers of the Calla – sleek, stylish and with something a little whimsical about them – make a marvelous display. Did you know that the leaves of some callas have unusual speckles?

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5. Gladiolus

Do you love boldness? If so, plant the Gladiolus. The powerful character of gladioli emerges as soon as the flowers produced by this sturdy summer bulb start to display their color. A perfect plant to include in the cutting garden.

6. Crocosmia

With its colors ranging from orange-yellow to fiery red, the Crocosmia guarantees a hot summer. This sun-worshipper requires little care, and most crocosmia stems will be covered in decorative berries after flowering.

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7. Canna Lily

Canna lilies (Canna) add a touch of the tropics to a garden. Not only are they available in a range of warm flower colors – red, orange, pink and every color in between – but you can also choose from varieties with green, bronze or variegated leaves.

8. Pineapple Lily

The Pineapple Lily (Eucomis) is very aptly named since its inflorescence closely resembles its namesake. This summer bulb produces massive leaves topped by a sturdy flower spike reaching a height from 24 to 44 inches. They are absolutely perfect for planting in pots. Choose from varieties in yellow, green, white or purple flower colors.

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9. Spider Lily

The beautiful Spider Lily (Hymenocallis) displays spectacular trumpet-shaped flowers that produce a delicate, slightly sweet fragrance. Its height of 24 to 32 inches adds a delightful sense of purity to the garden.

10. Voodoo Lily

The Voodoo Lily (official name: Sauromatum venosum) is the queen of the underworld. This mysterious summer bulb can produce its flowers without even being planted in the ground.

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Good to know:

  • To produce an excellent flowering display, Canna lilies (Canna), Pineapple lilies (Eucomis) and Spider lilies (Hymenocallis) require planting in a warm soil.
  • And these top 10 summer bulbs featuring impressive flowers aren’t the only varieties from which to choose. Take a look at all the available summer bulbs here.