This year’s trendy colors for summer bulbs

The gardening season

Everything out in the garden is slowly beginning to emerge. This is the sign you’ve been waiting for: time to get outside and start enjoying your garden again. And the start of the season means you can give full reign to your imagination when thinking about which colors will be delighting you this summer. Summer bulbs add so much color. So why not plant summer bulbs in trendy flower colors based on the garden trends for 2018? You’ll be reveling in them all summer long.

223455.jpg 221218.jpg

221351.jpg 223153.jpg


Flower to the people!

Are you feeling it, too? Slowly but surely, more and more rules are being imposed. What’s happened to our freedom? We can feel this limitation of our freedom, but how can we set ourselves free? Actually, it’s still possible. Start within the defined area of your own garden and discover freedom with your choice of summer bulbs. Flower to the people! Let your voice be heard. Make a statement with summer bulbs in a powerful color: red. White, purple, pink and aubergine are colors that take the edge off today’s tough times.

223771.jpg 223266.jpg

212104.jpg 221252.jpg



With everything going on all around us in the areas of technology and politics, our world is becoming more and more exciting, but also more confusing and complex. We try to find solutions by connecting the old and the new. In the garden, this can be expressed as a collage created by ‘pasting’ patches of color next to each other. Use a bright range of colors against a basic background of greens. To fill these patches of color, assign them to summer bulbs in vivid colors as well as natural, grey and pastel hues.

221059.jpg 223190.jpg

212020.jpg 223187.jpg


Your floral bubble

The economy is doing well; living in our own digital bubble is what we do these days. This bubble is also where we draw in people who are on the same page as we are. So why not create your own floral bubble in which you can sit back and enjoy (almost decadently) your own opulent museum piece? Summer bulbs in a mix of warm colors like burgundy, maroon and black combined with purple, orange, blues and greens provide an ultra-luxurious look. Then, the only thing left to do is to enjoy your floral bubble.