The garden as a second living room


Do you like tradition? Do you appreciate knowledge that has been acquired over the years, and do you have a soft spot for local entrepreneurs? Many other people also feel most comfortable with what they are familiar with. The garden is the perfect place to create a traditional atmosphere, with your favorite flowers.


Vintage and old combine to create an up-to-date garden atmosphere. An atmosphere with a sense of security and cozy corners to sit. Plants that have been in the garden for years are of great value and get plenty of love and attention. The combination with new greenery turns it into a harmonious whole.


The garden almost starts to feel like a second living room, it is that cozy. Summer bulbs like dahlias, liatris, lilies and begonias enhance this feeling. They also nicely complement the existing planting. Combine summer bulbs in soft, greyish pastel hues with dark, reassuring colors.

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