The effect of simplicity in the garden

Nothing but what you really need

‘Decluttering’ is a pretty handy term these days. Being surrounded with too much stuff doesn’t make us any happier; in fact, it has an adverse effect on our sense of well-being. Getting rid of what you don’t need is like clearing your head. And not having all those knickknacks around is also better for the environment. So get real and get responsible: go for a simple sustainable garden design. The nice new uncluttered look will create a sense of clarity and openness. You can then think about recycling items since things you might once have thrown away could actually be attractive. Reusing things gives you more satisfaction than buying something new.

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Plants have other functions

Were you aware that plants are playing an increasing role in our lives? So much so that they could even be a leading supplier of energy in the future. Researchers have already come up with luminous trees that could take the place of energy-guzzling street lighting. How cool is that? Technology is advancing at such a pace that we can soon expect new ways that plants will be providing us with energy. Their role as a source of oxygen is also taking on more importance. Including plants in public spaces is becoming increasingly commonplace. Flower bulbs are an important element in our green environment, and they surprise us on earliest days of spring.

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Do your thing

A simplified garden without all that stuff has a very relaxing effect. It’s the way to go for an uncluttered look and a feeling of calm. Toss out everything without a practical function or, better yet, give it to someone who needs it. Reuse old bags or plant containers and take a good look at your garden bench – you probably don’t need a new one yet. Green foliage enhances the feeling of serenity but so do flowers in blues and black. White flowers such as daffodils, hyacinths and spring snowflakes add an extra hint of harmony and simplicity. Plant them in a simple arrangement to get the most enjoyment from them later.