Summer bulbs shine in the ‘Harvesting Elements’ trend

Embracing chaos

Together, these three trends are being called ‘Cutting Strings’. This refers to the fact that the time has come to let go of old routines and build a future on new plans. Since change is happening at breakneck speed, old ties have to be severed. Although change is fun and exciting, it also causes stress and losing sight of the big picture. Because certainties are no longer certain, chaos develops. But no change means no innovation! This is why embracing chaos will facilitate innovation.

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Tranquility and perspective

The ‘Harvesting Elements’ trend focuses on perspective and tranquility. It means going back to the basics, including simplifying product design and lifestyles. With this in mind, garden design is somewhat more understated. Sustainability is important, so this means forgetting about plastic and following the trend for more recycled materials. So, start by decluttering since it’s also a good way to clear your head. In addition to plenty of foliage plants, white flowers should predominate with reds ones used as accents. With the right choice of summer bulbs, you’ll be recharging your batteries instead of stressing out.

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Functional summer bulbs

A more muted garden without a lot of fireworks provides a sense of tranquility. Choose simplicity to give you the perspective and serenity you crave. Get rid of items you don’t use, or, better yet, give them to someone who needs them. Reuse old bags and either reuse your plant containers or see if they need replacing. For an extra touch of harmony, plant white and red-flowering summer bulbs such as begonias, calla lilies, dahlias, gladioli, lilies and Ornithogalum. Plant them in an orderly way among ornamental grasses or in simple containers. Then all you have to do is relax in your green understated oasis.