Summer bulbs enhance a friendly atmosphere in the garden


We’d like to stop the clock to catch our breath. Even for just a moment to get out of the fast lane and unwind. Instead, we look for solutions in a simpler life, with products that are sweet, nice, and kind (to the world). Summer bulbs fulfil this role with gusto thanks to the considerable effect they have on the friendly atmosphere in the garden.

The search for meaning

Rapid technological developments and climate change can feel threatening. As a result, there is a great need for humanity, trust, and recognition. We try to find meaning and look for products that match this feeling. Summer bulbs in rounded borders or pots create a warm, organic garden atmosphere that makes you feel welcome.


The ‘Human Touch’ trend alternates warm earth and skin tones with lilac and ochre-yellow in the garden and on the terrace. Summer bulbs like dahlias, callas, gladioli (Gladiolus), freesias, and lilies (Lilium) enhance the friendly atmosphere with their richly flowering, soft and round flowers. Allowing them to bloom in an undulating pattern, in both light and dark colors, creates harmony.


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