Summer bulbs add extra color to the garden

Wonderful nature

In spring, an incredible spectacle of nature happens in the garden. Everything starts to grow and flower again. In between enjoying the wonderful greenery, this is also the perfect time to start thinking ahead about summer. Summer bulbs are a colorful addition to the garden. They will shine like real garden jewels in the summer months.

Bulb varieties

There are plenty of summer bulbs to choose from. Some stay small and delicate, others grow big and exuberant. Well-known summer bulbs include Dahlia, lily (Lilium), calla, and gladiolus (Gladiolus). Less famous, but equally beautiful flowers include Freesia, pineapple lilies (Eucomis), tiger flower (Tigridia), and blazing star (Liatris). Each and every one of them adds beauty to the garden during the summer months.


Summer bulbs should be planted in spring, but they cannot withstand frost. Therefore, make sure that they only get a place in the garden once the risk of frost has disappeared. It is fun to plant the summer bulbs by yourself, surrounded by your green oasis. But planting them together is even more fun! Try planting them with other gardeners, or with your (grand)children.

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