Soft ‘n sweet summer bulbs: perfect for the ‘Soft Landing’ garden trend

Embracing chaos

Together, these three trends are being called ‘Cutting Strings’. This refers to the fact that the time has come to let go of old routines and build a future on new plans. Since change is happening at breakneck speed, old ties have to be severed. Although change is fun and exciting, it also causes stress and losing sight of the big picture. Because certainties are no longer certain, chaos develops. But no change means no innovation! This is why embracing chaos will facilitate innovation.

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Welcome relaxation

Nowadays, people seem to care less about each other; what we all want is a softer, more caring approach. We simply want a bit of pampering. So why not start in your garden? Make it a soft inviting cocoon. A little paradise where tensions dissolve and you can totally ignore your negative radar. Just imagine: relaxing on deep fluffy cushions and soft elegant throws surrounded by a soothing natural environment. Planting flower bulbs in pastel colors will take your oasis to the next level of relaxation. Not a thing in the world to do but discover your inner peace.

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The ‘Soft Landing’ trend features rounded shapes and ultra-soft materials. This kind of garden makes you feel as if you’ve just landed in a big soft cushion. The password here is ‘comfort’. Summer bulbs with their soft, voluminous flower shapes are just the thing for creating this oh-so-comfy feeling. Choose ones in soft pastels contrasted here and there with a bright smiling orange. Consider using light yellow begonias, sugar-sweet pink lilies, salmon-pink gladioli  and vivid orange dahlias. Just the way to create an oasis of calm for delightful relaxation in your very own garden.