Show your true colors in the garden with summer bulbs


Our individual opinions are becoming increasingly valuable. We protest because we want be heard and feel validated. This results in regrouping, which creates room for others who have strong opinions. This trend can also be observed in the garden. The focus is on all the products in the garden because they all represent an ideal. With summer bulbs, we literally show our true colors, and we propagate what we stand for.

A whimsical effect

Gardens are in need of new proportions. So, it’s time to say goodbye to the familiar layout. Surprising height differences, created with steps and elevations, make the garden playful and ensure that the view is never the same. Use summer bulbs to accentuate the playful proportions of this trend. The result is an exciting garden with many spots to discover.

Solid areas of color

There is no faffing with clutter in the ‘Recentered Stage’ trend, as borders are enclosed with geometrically shaped containers, borders, and pots. Summer bulbs reinforce this idea. Use dahlias, gladioli (Gladiolus), and lilies (Lilium) to create powerful, monochrome color boxes. The combination of bold colors and pastel shades creates a colorful, contrasting, and playful overall result. Pastel shades add a friendly touch.


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