Planting flower bulbs: a garden party

It takes time

If you want to enjoy flower bulbs like tulips and daffodils in the spring, it is important to plant them as early as the fall. Doing so will give them enough time to develop strong roots before winter sets in. Once the roots have been grown, the flower bulbs need a cold period to bloom well in spring. So don’t wait too long, and get started in your garden.


Ever more people are discovering the positive effects of nature and want to surround themselves with it more than ever. After all, greenery gives us a sense of calm. The powerful attraction of nature will also make sure that we feel like going outside more often. The beauty of flower bulbs is that you can bring nature closer in your own garden or on your balcony/terrace in an easy way. You can plant them in pots or containers, or simply in the soil.

Outdoor room

Flower bulbs allow us to start the gardening season as early as possible, because they are the first bloomers in spring. In addition to bringing you great joy, they are excellent for biodiversity. In early spring, not many flowers are available that provide pollen to feed insects like bees and butterflies. So, surround your outdoor room with loads of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and other spring bloomers.


Planting flower bulbs yourself is fun, but it’s even better together with others! Why not make it a garden party with your partner, children or friends? You will have fun together, and come the spring you will enjoy beautiful flowers. During planting you will discover that flower bulbs don’t exactly look like they will produce beautiful flowers later. But looks can be deceiving, those beautiful flowers will really appear! As a bonus, they will bring back memories of the planting party.

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