Plant summer bulbs now for a lush flower oasis

Grateful bloomers

If you enjoy flowers and have a garden or balcony/terrace, summer bulbs are just the thing! They are grateful bloomers and come in so many shapes, colors and sizes. Plant them in spring for maximum summer enjoyment. Summer bulbs cannot withstand frost, so it’s best to be patient until the risk of frost has completely passed.

Flowers make you happy

There is a reason why flowers make us happy. They have an immediate effect on our happiness by creating the same emotional response as joy and gratitude. That’s pretty clever! Needless to say, tastes differ, but one thing is certain: whichever summer bulb you choose, you will enjoy flowers all summer long.


Find out which summer bulb is your perfect match. If you like majestic and compelling, lilies and dahlias are a good choice. If elegance is your middle name, choose gladioli or callas. And if you prefer an intimate style, begonias and freesias are an excellent choice. Follow your preference and go for the varieties that make you the happiest.

In pots

If you have a balcony or terrace, rather than a garden, you can plant summer bulbs in pots. Low-growing dahlias and tuberous begonias in particular do really well in pots or planters. Make holes in the bottom of the pot to allow excess water to drain away. Summer bulbs love warmth and light, so put them in a sunny spot, because then you will enjoy them the most.

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