Harmony in the garden

Recharging your batteries

The world around us sends us so many unclear messages that we no longer know what to believe. What is true and what isn’t? That’s why we increasingly trust ourselves and the natural world. Our own compass guides us to the truth. After all, what can you trust better than your own eyes, ears and nose? This is why we surround ourselves with plants that ensure that we can retreat from the outside world and recharge our batteries.


A safe enclosed feeling

A place where we can get away from it all and experience the world of nature around us: this is the harmonious garden. Everything that stimulates the senses is important. The harmonious garden is full of natural rounded shapes that embrace you and allow you to unwind. The contrasts between natural and hard surfaces help to create a safe enclosed feeling.

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Experiencing with flower bulbs

Green is a very important color in this garden – and also the main color. Yet other colors are also essential. Tranquil colors like white, pink and lilac add to the uplifting experience in the harmonious garden. Scented and beautifully colored flower bulbs accentuate this experience. Pink tulips, white and blue grape hyacinths and the round lilac ornamental onion – each is a joy to behold. And their fragrances are a delight for the nose.


Did you know that…

…tulips, ornamental onions and other bulbous plants are perfect for performing rituals in your garden? What about creating a mandala? A mandala symbolizes an eternal relationship between the inner and outer worlds. Flower bulbs in the harmonious garden complete this circle.