Garden trends with summer bulbs

The harmony garden

Instead of taking nature for granted, this garden is a tribute to Mother Nature. That’s because the harmony garden is all about recognizing and embracing nature and all her wonderful powers. There’s a good reason why people like to surround themselves with flowers and plants – they’re a source of natural energy. The harmony garden is a garden where you can truly lose yourself and feel completely zen. There are beautiful corners for sitting outside, relaxing hammocks and the perfect spots for yoga. All that green is bound to take you to a state of complete relaxation. Summer bulbs like African lilies (Agapanthus), lilies (Lilium), begonias (Begonia), dahlias (Dahlia) and gladioli (Gladiolus) – they will gently soothe and stimulate your senses, giving you a sense of nature’s warm embrace. The most important color in the harmony garden is the color green. Combined with the colorful accents of the flowers – pink, purple and yellow – you’ll have a sense of being at one with nature in your own back garden.

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The energy garden

Ever heard of a garden that energizes you but still manages to make you feel relaxed? That’s the energy garden. Its combination of fresh green foliage and strong, bold flowers will transform your outdoor area into a place of calm and energy. Bold colors like red and yellow, combined with black and white, help to create real dynamism. The repetition of geometric designs is another central feature of the active garden. The bold colors of summer bulbs like dahlias (Dahlia), lilies (Lilium), begonias (Begonia) and coppertips (Crocosmia) really make their presence felt. So if you’re someone with bags of energy and get-up-and-go, you’re bound to feel on top form in the energy garden.

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The unisex garden

In the unisex garden, the boundaries between indoors and outdoors fade away – the two spaces flow seamlessly into one another. Everything that’s growing, whether it’s inside or around the house, is just as important. And it’s a place where men and women will both feel just as comfortable. This is because it combines feminine colors with robust, masculine materials, which, in turn, incorporate elegant and refined surface textures. In the unisex garden, everything combines to form one harmonious whole. Summer bulbs in bold pastel shades of pink and purple complete the color palette, especially when they are integrated into the design. The perfect summer bulbs for this garden are gladiolus (Gladiolus), blazing star (Liatris), dahlias (Dahlia), lilies (Lilium) and varieties of turmeric.

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