Garden trend 2023 – Use every inch of your outdoor space

Urbanization has limited the available living space and garden space, and outdoor space is becoming increasingly valuable. Apart from its traditional use, gardens are becoming more and more functional, used as an exercise or work place, for example. People creatively search for available space for plants.


Compared with previous years, indoors and outdoors are blending together even more. Gardens are used as optimally as possible, with horizontal as well as vertical planting. Traditional gardens continue to be popular. What is new is the increased use of roof terraces, verandas, or plants on roofs and against fences.

Light and airy

To emphasize the sense of spaciousness, transparent and airy planting is crucial. Plenty of color contrast is used in planting to emphasize the depth of the garden. Contrasting color combinations include blue/purple, orange red, soft yellow, light blue, and pastel lilac. Crowded and densely planted gardens are a no go; the flowering plants are indeed freely and spaciously distributed throughout the outdoor space.

Layered Spaces Color Chart


Flower bulbs and tubers have the power to reinforce the sense of space. Choose varieties that will loosely intertwine and can be easily combined with other plants. You could consider canna, begonias, dahlias, crocosmia, and gladioli, for example. Make sure to give them plenty of space in the borders. Plant a single flower bulb or tuber or several of the same type between tiles, or allow them to grow freely in large vertical containers on walls or fences.