Garden trend 2023: use every centimeter of your outdoor space


Indoors and outdoors merge even more than in the past years. People innovate the use of their garden, whereby the outdoor space is used to the fullest, both horizontally and vertically. The garden as we know it still remains popular. What’s new is the ever more frequent horizontal and vertical use of all elements in the garden and around the house, like creating roof terraces or covering roofs, sheds or verandas with plants.

Light and airy

Transparent vegetation is key to accentuate the three-dimensionality. This means using a lot of contrasting colors, which emphasizes the feeling of three-dimensionality. Think of bright purple, orange-red, pale yellow, light blue and pastel shades of lilac. Full borders that are densely planted are a no go; the flowering plants are supposed to be airily spread out throughout the outdoor space.


Flower bulbs have the power to intensify the feeling of three-dimensionality. Choose varieties that will loosely intertwine and can be easily combined with other plants. What about alliums, tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and grape hyacinths? Give them plenty of space in the borders, plant a single bulb or several of the same variety between paving slabs or let them grow wildly in big vertical planters on the wall.


LaySpac-011_aangepast.png LaySpac-026_aangepast.png

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