Garden trend 2023 – A tribute to nature

Concerns about climate change and its consequences make us increasingly aware that nature is an awe-inspiring part of our lives. There is a sense of urgency because we understand that if we save the earth, we will also save ourselves. Not only does this create a sense of necessity, it also makes us more willing to adapt and make our lives more sustainable.

Natural atmosphere

Nature is given more free rein and gardens are becoming wilder. Using many and different plants improves biodiversity in gardens. Slabs and other hard surfaces are less important. Paving, if any, is usually semi-paving which threads its way through the vegetation.

Small outdoor area

Even in a small garden or on a balcony, the need to surround ourselves with nature is increasing. A lively green feeling is created in every outdoor space, no matter how small. Using many and, above all, different plants is important in this regard, on balustrades on balconies as well as in pots, and in borders and vertical gardens, preferably all at the same time. Nature is everywhere.

Organic cross-pollination

Natural and harmonious colors such as earthy and green tones are prevalent, complemented with subtle white, lilac, and natural tones, while preserving the natural atmosphere in the garden. The use of flowers and plants is fanciful and natural. No more straight, severe forms, and a few more colors. Plants bring everything together in the garden in an airy display, with different shapes and colors, combined with natural-looking accessories.

Ode to Nature Color Chart

Poetry in the garden

Flower bulbs are important in this natural and naturalized garden atmosphere. Summer bulbs such as dahlias, gladioli, calla, and begonias add extra greenery and color in the garden. Use flower bulbs as a natural accent in among existing plant combinations. Make sure to use the same shapes and matching colors for a natural look.