Flowers to cushion your life

Pamper yourself

They’re impossible to escape: those negative attitudes. Harsh, unfriendly, and impersonal communication is nothing new under the sun. But it doesn’t make us any happier. In fact, it makes us want to pamper ourselves in a soft cocoon. This can smooth our feathers and help negativity ebb away. But how can you create such an inviting, soft and comfortable little cocoon? The perfect answer is to do it with plants.

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An oasis of calm

Is this what you’ve always wanted? Just think: a place to pamper yourself with plenty of me-time – a place devoted completely to your own enjoyment. Not a thing in the world that you have to do but discover your inner peace. A little paradise where any tensions dissolve and you can totally ignore your negative radar. Imagine this: big fluffy cushions and softly upholstered furniture nestled in completely natural surroundings. Planting flower bulbs in pastel colors will take your oasis to the next level of relaxation. Good-bye to hard paving, hello to relaxation.

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Soft and fluffy

So what are you waiting for? Plant flower bulbs in your little oasis now and start enjoying them in early spring. Have a garden full of soft fluffy bulb flowers. Parrot and double-flowering tulips add even more fluffiness. Pastels ranging from creamy white to soft lilac interspersed now and then with a bright smiling orange will provide just the inviting look you’re after. Hyacinths will add their own sweet fragrance. Exactly what you need in your comfortable garden. Just the thing to let negativity slide off your shoulders.