Flower bulbs: Which color will you choose?

Making choices

Does this sound familiar? There you are staring at all those flower bulbs in dozens of delectable colors… But which ones should you choose? You’d like to take them all home with you, but you know you have to make some decisions. Fortunately, help is at hand. The latest gardening trends can give you an idea of which colors are both in vogue and look good together. To start with, just pick one of these trends for gardens: harmonious, balanced or energetic. Each trend is associated with its own range of colors.

The harmonious garden

Typical of the harmonious garden is a spot where we can retreat and feel surrounded by nature. This garden stimulates both our senses and our Zen awareness. Its calming colors feature various shades of green. Soothing pastels like pale yellow, pink and lilac add to the positive vibes in the harmonious garden. Bulb flowers in these colors serve as the icing on the cake. And the fragrance of these flowers adds another dimension to the garden: a treat for your nose.


212152-Harmonise-aangepast.jpg 212514-Harmonise-aangepast.jpg

44865-Harmonise-aangepast.jpg 211119-Harmonise-aangepast.jpg

The balanced garden

Gardens used to be all about non-living items like garden furniture or a BBQ. Now, plants are just as important. This is because we long for balance in our lives. Welcome to the balanced garden. Flower bulbs play a significant role in creating a balanced garden. Romantic feminine colors like pink and purple are balanced with masculine colors of the business world like brown and red. Perfect kinds of flower bulbs for this garden would be tulips, pink grape hyacinths and hyacinths.


201188-Equalise-aangepast.jpg 215222-Equalise-aangepast.jpg

214831-Equalise-aangepast.jpg 44969-Energise-aangepast.jpg

The energetic garden

Being fit and full of energy are important characteristics that many people would like to have. Optimism and the feeling of starting a fresh new life are also typical of the energetic garden. Using bright colors in the garden and on a balcony or patio turns your outdoor space into a relaxing yet energizing place. Substantial eye-catching flowers in vibrant colors give the garden a dynamic look, especially if you plant them in conspicuous bands of color. A color palette of white with vivid yellows, reds and purples will suggest a real winning spirit.


216857-Energise-aangepast.jpg 44969-Energise-aangepast.jpg

205229-Energise-aangepast.jpg 218057-Energise-aangepast.jpg