Flower bulbs for spring flowers in picking gardens

Early flowering

When spring is on its way, the spring bloomers beckon. Why not plant them in your own picking garden! The great thing about flower bulbs is that, unlike other flowers, they start flowering in early spring. By planting flower bulbs in your picking garden, you will be picking flowers for longer. There are various flower bulbs that offer sturdy stems and a good vase life. The great thing about picking your own flowers is that you can choose which ones you like best.

Suitable bulbous plants

Bulbous plants are perfect for picking because they are often strong and flamboyant. Good picking varieties can be divided into tall and low-growing varieties. Tall varieties include irises (Iris), foxtail lilies (Eremurus), daffodils (Narcissus), tulips (Tulipa), Persian crown imperial (Fritillaria persica) and Allium. Low varieties are grape hyacinths (Muscari), hyacinths (Hyacinthus) and bluebells (Hyacinthoides).


  • From the extensive group of tulips, Triumph tulips are particularly suitable for picking. In addition to the typical tulip flower shape, their beautiful, sturdy stems are a great asset. They allow you to enjoy these tulips for an extra long time. You could consider the ‘Prinses Irene’ or ‘Leen van der Mark’ varieties.
  • If you take the different flowering times into consideration, you will be picking flowers for months on end.


Plant flower bulbs in the fall if you want to harvest cheerful bouquets in the spring. Plant them three times as deep as the bulb itself is tall. Try combining different heights, putting the shortest at the front and the tallest at the back. Dense planting is our golden tip. If you fill your flower border generously, the flowers will support each other, and you can pick large quantities of your favorite flowers.

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