Flower bulbs create balance

Understanding and connecting with our world

Typical of the times we live in now is the fact that the world around us is out of balance. In all the human violence we hear about, the balancing factor of norms and values is becoming lost. This is why we are unconsciously looking for a sense of understanding and connection, particularly in places like the garden where we want to relax and unwind.


On equal footing

The status of plants in the garden is rising by leaps and bounds. In a balanced garden, everything in and around the home that grows and flowers is just as important as the other elements. Another kind of balance is also evident: rugged materials are given soft feminine pastel colors; robust masculine materials are given an elegant surface texture. Everything in the garden is thus a part of a balanced picture. Both men and women will feel at home in such a garden.

Getting started

Bulb flowers in brighter pastels of pink and purple will introduce balance into the garden, especially when integrated into the garden design. Tulips, grape hyacinths (Muscari) and hyacinths are perfect varieties for creating a balanced garden. But how should you plant them? All it takes is 5 steps.

Step 1

Dig a hole for a group of flower bulbs or make smaller holes for planting single flower bulbs or smaller groups of them. The size of the flower bulb determines how deep it should be planted. Large flower bulbs (2 inches or larger in diameter) should be planted 6 inches cm deep and small flower bulbs (1 – 2 inches) 3 to 4 inches deep.

Step 2

Remove weeds and then work some garden mould into the soil to improve drainage.

Step 3

Place the flower bulbs gently into the soil with the point on top. Large flower bulbs should be planted 3 to 8 inches apart and small bulbs 1 to 3 inches apart.

Step 4

Cover the flower bulbs with the soil dug from the hole.

Step 5

If the soil is dry, give the bulbs some water.

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