Decorative Dahlia is the Summer Bulb of the Year

Ray flowers

There are twelve groups of dahlias. The decorative Dahlia is one of them. It is a large, popular flower that comes in striking colors. The flowers of this Summer Bulb of the Year are carried by slender stems with oval leaves. The flowers consist of so-called ‘ray flowers’: wide and flat petals that are round or slightly pointed at the tips, sometimes even slightly incised. The luscious petals are arranged on top of each other in a roof tile pattern.


Decorative dahlias are rewarding and convenient summer bulbs. They are a sensational addition to the garden and thrive in a sunny spot. They exist in short (20-30 inches), medium (around 39 inches) and tall (47-59 inches) varieties. After planting, just wait for the explosion of color that will amaze you. The plants are incredibly vigorous and produce masses of large flowers. The flowering period is blissfully long; from July until the first frost.

Cut flower

The better this Summer Bulb of the Year is cared for, the greater the reward will be in the form of rapid growth and lots of flowers. Did you know that decorative dahlias are perfect as cut flowers? The long stems with extraordinary flowers will steal the show in your home and bloom beautifully in a vase. In addition, the cutting of flowers is a signal to the plant to produce new buds. In other words, the flowers will keep coming, so you can keep picking.

Interesting little facts

  • The Dahlia is named after the Swedish botanist Andreas Dahl. He was a student of naturalist Carl Linnaeus.
  • Perhaps you don’t have a garden. But if you have a balcony or patio, you can still enjoy these lush flowers. This is because dahlias will grow very well in pots and planters.
  • Did you know that Dahlia is also a girl’s name in Greece? The literal meaning of this name is ‘flower’.


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