Create the most beautiful spring garden with flower bulbs


Whether you love tulips, daffodils, crocuses or hyacinths, you should prepare for spring in fall. Natural-looking ‘wild’ gardens are completely on trend at the moment. Flower bulbs enhance this natural atmosphere if you plant them in a ‘casual’ way. You can achieve this effect by mixing different types of flower bulbs and scattering them all over the garden. Plant the bulbs wherever they happen to land. You will be rewarded with a lavish explosion of color in spring.


If you like order and peace in the garden, choose flower bulbs in a single color that suits your color palette. You could opt for a single type, like tulips. Or you could choose different varieties, like tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, but in the same color. Group them and plant them in your border(s) in a repeated manner for a repetitive and structured result that creates an impressive atmosphere in your garden.


If you want a true color paradise in the spring, go for quantity. Loads of flower bulbs mean loads of color and cheerfulness. Extend the flowering period as much as you can by alternating spring bloomers with early bloomers, such as crocuses (January/February) and late bloomers, such as allium (May/June). Planting flower bulbs is a doddle with this rule of thumb: plant the bulb twice as deep as the bulb is high, with the tip facing up. Piece of cake!

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