Create a biotope with summer bulbs


Nature is more important than ever. Green has focus and sustainability is trendy. In the small biotope, also known as the garden, there is a lot of respect for nature, and biodiversity plays the leading role. Summer bulbs are inextricably linked to this because they help increase biodiversity. They can easily find their spot in the natural garden where flora and fauna reinforce each other.

Living garden

Specific varieties of summer bulbs that increase biodiversity fit in perfectly with the ‘Balanced Biotope’ trend. Dahlias with open hearts, where nectar and pollen are easily accessible, lilies (Lilium), gladioli (Gladiolus), blazing star (Liatris), Crocosmia and crested lily (Eucomis) are very good at this, because bees and butterflies love them. If you plant these summer bulbs, you will definitely be awarded with plenty of buzzing and fluttering in the garden.


In a garden that has ‘balance’ running through it like a red thread, natural yellow-green colors predominate. Create this balance with raw materials and the additional colors blue and brick red for a rugged look. Make use of sustainable products that will last longer or can be recycled. Even better: why not borrow them? The colorful group planting with summer bulbs fits in perfectly in this living garden.

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