Crazy about spring flowers? Plant flower bulbs!


Winter hasn’t arrived yet; the time seems ripe for cocooning. Still, it is nice to end the outdoor season properly by getting your garden, terrace or balcony ready for winter. This includes preparing for spring. If you plant flower bulbs now, you will be rewarded with cheerful spring flowers early next year. In fact, you are giving yourself an early gift of happiness, which you will be able to enjoy in spring. What could be better?

The best spring flowers

There are dozens of different bulbous plants that bloom in the spring. They are categorized into all sorts of shapes, colors and sizes. To help you see the proverbial wood for the trees, we have selected five spring flowers that will put a smile on your face, mainly because of the fresh colors and large flowers. They are the tulip (Tulipa), daffodil (Narcissus), hyacinth (Hyacinthus), crocus (Crocus) and crown imperial (Fritillaria imperialis).


Tulips are world-famous for their beauty. They score high on the cheerfulness scale. Once this spring bloomer starts to flower, you cannot ignore it. Their diversity is enormous: did you know that there are fifteen different groups? There’s something for everyone, in other words.


The daffodil is a real harbinger of spring and, like the tulip, is diverse: there are twelve different groups. One excellent benefit of the daffodil is that this spring bloomer can be left in the ground to bloom again year after year. This makes them perfectly suitable for naturalizing.


If you are looking for beautiful and cheerful colors as well as fragrance in your garden, hyacinths are just the ticket! Combined, their dozens of flowers offer an overwhelming color boost. The best known colors are white, pink and blue. Did you know that the flower is used to make perfume because of its scent?


This early spring bloomer symbolizes spring and joy. The flower buds burst open at the first sign of the spring sun. And did you know that crocuses make bees very happy? As soon as they get the opportunity, they will flock to the flowers to feast on the delicious nectar.

Crown Imperial

The majestic crown imperial shows off its beautiful flowers in the garden. These flowers give off a musky scent that keeps moles, field voles and water voles at bay. They also release large drops of nectar, which bees and butterflies love.

Interested? Choose your favorite spring flowers and get started

Fritillaria (imperial crown) is a must-have for your garden, plant this bulb in the fall Daffodils fit any garden and give the fantastic spring feeling.

Crocus is one of the first to bloom in spring, don't forget to plant these bulbs in fall Beautiful colors in the garden with Hyacinths, plant them in autumn

The popular tulip cannot be missing in your garden, plant it in autumn. They are available in lots of colors and spectacular shapes.