Cocooning with Amaryllis


In the fall, we feel a great urge to retreat into the security of our homes. This works best if there is a cozy, warm atmosphere, into which you can really withdraw from the outside world. Amaryllises are natural and fascinating creators of atmosphere; they literally enchant your home with their magical growth and magnificent flowers.

Nice surprises

At first glance, an amaryllis bulb looks spectacular in and of itself, because of the grand appearance that raises your expectations. In this case, feel free to judge the book by its cover! When the glorious bulb starts to grow, you will be impressed by its ever-growing stem. The climax is the emergence of stunning flowers.


The name Amaryllis comes from the ancient Greek word ‘amarusso’, which means ‘I sparkle’. How appropriate is that? There are more than seventy different varieties. The best known color is red, but the flowers can also be white, orange, pink or cream. Some flowers are very large, others delicate and elegant. But the transformation from bulb into flower is equally fascinating for every variety.


If you want to enjoy your Amaryllis for as long as possible, read these tips:

  • Before an amaryllis can start to grow, you’ll need to wake it up. To do this, place the bulb for an hour in a container filled with lukewarm water. This will ensure that its roots start to grow.
  • You can plant the amaryllis bulb in a pot filled with potting compost, simply put it in a shallow bowl, or place it over water.
  • Amaryllises prefer warm surroundings; a room temperature between 68 and 74 degrees is perfect.
  • Give it sufficient light. If it doesn’t get enough, its stems will grow too long and need support.

Useful information

  • Amaryllis availability is optimal between November and April.
  • As many as four to six mega flowers will grow on a single stem. The larger the flower bulb, the more flowers it will produce.
  • Amaryllises’ official name is Hippeastrum.

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