Canna: an exotic lady with surprising leaves

Symbolism en meaning

Canna really enhances the mood with her exotic traits. This is hardly surprising, since it originates from South America. The name Canna comes from the Greek word kanna, which means ‘reed’. This beautiful lady carries plenty of symbolism; she is seen, among other things, as a flower that gives hope and confidence.


Canna is known for her impressive leaves with beautiful structures. The tuberous rhizome produces stems from which the coiled leaves grow. The leaves unfold into an impressive surface, green or bronze in color. In combination with other plants and flowers, Canna’s large leaves bring variety and playfulness in the garden.

Growing power

Once Canna starts growing, she will surprise you with her tremendous growing power. She will grow to lengths of 1.5 to 6 or 9 foot high. Despite the considerable height, there is no need to tie Canna, because the plant is sturdy enough on her own. Do make sure she gets plenty of feed in the form of fertilizer. She is able to withstand heat because she stores water in her rhizomes.


Plant Canna in spring as soon as the last frost has come and gone. You can plant her in the garden, but she thrives in pots as well. Do make sure you give her a sunny spot. In partial shade or shade, she will keep her beautiful festively colored flowers to herself, and wouldn’t that be a shame? The more sun she gets, the more flowers she will show.


The sun’s light and heat will make Canna sparkle. The tropical plants come in a surprising number of flower colors, including yellow, white, orange, salmon pink and red. Canna shows off her festive flowers from June until the first frost. If you deadhead Canna, she will continue to produce new flowers. And if you leave the old flowers, she will develop graceful seed pods.

Canna flower Canna flower yellow

Canna flower

Canna flower pink Canna flower red