Art from nature

Extraordinary, interesting, and beautiful: nature in the garden is ever so impressive. Flower bulbs cheerfully stand out from the crowd and are sometimes true works of art to behold. Just take a closer look. Some varieties really surprise with their form, in colors that look as if they were painted: wow!


Nature as an artist: it inspired painters as early as the 17th century. With all the available varieties of flower bulbs, it is sometimes difficult to choose. So, why not look for flowers with an unusual shape and flower marking. These increasingly popular flowers will create a picturesque effect. They are the perfect eye-catchers in your garden. Are you a fan yet?


•          If someone you know has a birthday coming up, why not give them a bag of ‘artsy’ flower bulbs as a gift with a difference?

•          What’s beautiful outside, can also be beautiful indoors. Snip off a few of these works of art to put in a vase, so you can enjoy these gorgeous flowers indoors as well.