Amaryllis: for a sparkling Christmas look

Absolutely sparkling

Amaryllises are also known by their botanical name: Hippeastrum. In ancient Greek, ‘amaryllis’ is amarusso which means ‘I sparkle’. And it really is fascinating to watch the transformation from bulb to flower. The radiant flowers emerge as if by magic from a big straight stem. Their majestic flower bulbs develop into equally impressive flowers. What’s more, there are more than 70 varieties.



Do it yourself

Get creative with amaryllises. It’s not only fun but also really satisfying to see what you’ve made yourself. Here’s what you need: an amaryllis bulb, an old newspaper, a glass vase the right size for the bulb, hairspray and glitter. Use the newspaper as a placemat. Spray the amaryllis bulb with hairspray. Immediately sprinkle the glitter over the bulb. Shake the excess glitter onto the newspaper. Place the sparkling bulb in the vase: voilà!

244260_aangepast.jpg 244279_aangepast.jpg

Big and bold

If you’re a fan of the big, bold and natural, the huge amaryllis bulb that produces big fat stems and oversized flowers is perfect for you. Accentuate this boldness by using a wooden flower pot that has been left unfinished to show off its tree rings. Then add a golden, delicately woven Christmas garland with stars for the perfect final touch. Won’t it be fascinating to watch the Amaryllis slowly but surely burst into bloom during the holidays?

244283_aangepast.jpg 244325_aangepast.jpg


The glamour trend is just the thing these days. And what could fill the bill better than the Amaryllis? Its enchanting vision of beauty gives a home a real feeling of glitter and glamour. Combine amaryllises in reds and pinks. Used together, these imposing flowers will almost overwhelm you with their sparkling look. Add some golden Christmas baubles to your amaryllises and place this creation on table linens in matching colors. Then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the display.

244258_aangepast.jpg 244329_aangepast.jpg

Care tips

  • Before an amaryllis can start to grow, you’ll need to wake it up. To do this, place the bulb for an hour in a container filled with lukewarm water. This will ensure that its roots start to grow.
  • You can plant the amaryllis bulb in a pot filled with potting compost, simply put it in a shallow bowl, or place it over water.
  • Amaryllises prefer warm surroundings; a room temperature between 68 and 74 degrees is perfect.
  • Give it sufficient light. If it doesn’t get enough, its stems will grow too long and need support.