Amaryllis bulb blossoms into a real diva

How they grow

Amaryllises, also known as Hippeastrum, are majestic flower bulbs that produce equally impressive flowers. This transformation from bulb to flower is exciting to watch. The growth process starts with the development of roots. Next, one or more thick buds containing the flowers will emerge from the bulb. Every day, the stem (or stems) will grow taller. At a certain point, the individual flower buds will emerge from their surrounding bract. The whole process takes six to ten weeks, and you can see it happen!

226501_aangepast.jpg 226505_aangepast.jpg

Waking up

Before the amaryllis bulb starts to grow, you’ll first have to wake this diva up. Adding water works best. Place the bulb in a container of lukewarm water and leave it there for an hour. The water will ensure that the roots begin to grow. After that, you can plant the bulb in a pretty pot filled with potting compost, simply put it in a shallow bowl, or place it over water. Whatever your choice, this diva will appreciate warmth. Room temperature between 68 and 75 degrees is perfect. She also likes light. If her surroundings are too dark, the stems will grow to be too long.

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  • Amaryllis bulbs are available from October to the end of April.
  • Chose nice firm amaryllis bulbs. If you can dent them with your thumb, this means they are old or diseased.
  • The most familiar colors for amaryllises are red, pink, salmon, orange and white. But did you know you can also find double-flowered and small-flowered varieties?
  • Support the flower bud with a slender cane once the stem has become tall or if the flowers become large and heavy.