A ‘wow’ effect with summer bulbs

Summer bulbs create a colorful spectacle in the garden. Combining different colors, shapes and growing heights will not only make your garden look summery, it will also cheer you up. Summer bulbs are lovely mood setters that make a real difference in the summer garden. Plant them in the spring for a stunning ‘wow’ effect in the summer!

If you also want a colorful spectacle in your garden, terrace, or balcony, why not give your garden an easy makeover? Choose a gorgeous flower bulb mix of at least three different colors. Spreading the bulbs out throughout the border and planting them in between existing plants, ornamental grasses and shrubs in the garden will create a stunning effect. Next, it’s time for nature to do its job. That’s all!

Long flowering period

Summer bulbs may not be quite as famous as spring bulbs such as tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils. But they are certainly equally special and colorful! When the spring bulbs have finished flowering, summer bloomers create a new color spectacle in the garden. What’s more, having lots of flowers in the garden is great for biodiversity. Bees, butterflies, and other insects can’t resist the nectar of the flowers. So, to boost biodiversity, also plant summer bulbs in the garden and on the balcony and terrace in addition to spring bulbs.


  • Combining light and dark-colored flowers will give your border more volume.
  • Make sure to position a green shrub behind the flowers, to create depth and make the garden appear bigger.
  • Plant the bulbs according to their growing height, from low-growing to taller varieties.*
  • For a small garden, choose cool colors such as purple, blue, and white: they will make your garden look more spacious.
  • If you want a cozy atmosphere in your garden, opt for a mix of warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange.
  • If your garden is deep and narrow, plant striking colors such as yellow, purple, and orange towards the back of the garden. Doing so will make your garden appear wider.
  • Complete your summer garden with a matching cushion on a chair, a wind light for atmosphere and colored pots.

Summer bulbs are incredibly diverse. We have listed some of the most popular summer-flowering varieties below:

  • Tall-growing summer bulbs: Dahlia, Gladiolus, lily (Lilium), African lily (Agapanthus), Canna Lily (Canna), lupin (Lupinus), variegated pineapple lily (Eucomis), foxtail lily (Eremurus), Crocosmia.
  • Medium-growing summer bulbs: Calla (Zantedeschia), Ornithogalum, urn orchid (Bletilla).
  • Low-growing summer bulbs: anemone, ranunculus.