A dream garden featuring the bright colors of flower bulbs

Flower bulbs for bright color

What you need is a garden full of plants with nice little spaces, views and water features. Let the moss grow, let climbers go their own way, and hang mirrors in your garden for extra depth perception. The most important ingredients, however, are your own personal miracles of nature: flower bulbs. Choose beautiful tulips, checkered fritillaries, anemones and hyacinths in dark reds, deep purples and sweet pinks. Good examples? Tulipa ‘Victoria Secret’, Anemone ‘Marianne Noir’ and Hyacinthus ‘Jan Bos’. The bright colors of these flower bulbs will make your fairy tale come true and your garden a real dream.

How do you plant flower bulbs?

To actually experience these wonders of nature, you’ll have to nudge them a bit along the way. But don’t let this put you off because planting flower bulbs is lots of fun, easy and quick to do! Follow these five steps for the garden of your dreams:

  1. Use a spade or trowel to loosen the soil at the place where you want to plant your flower bulbs.
  2. Work some potting soil through it to create a fertile soil.
  3. Dig a hole in the soil about three times as deep as the diameter of the flower bulb.
  4. Plant the flower bulbs in the hole with their ‘noses’ pointing up and their ‘beards’ pointing down.
  5. Cover the flower bulbs with the excavated soil.

Good to know

  • You can also create a larger planting hole – or ‘bed’ – so that you can plant a larger number of bulbs together.
  • The best time of year to plant flower bulbs is during the months of September, October, November and December. Just be sure to plant your flower bulbs before the soil starts to freeze.

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