Lily-flowering tulip

Family: Liliaceae

Flowering period: late

Average plant height: 35 – 75 cm

Spacing between bulbs: 5 cm

Type of bulb: bulb

Landscape uses: park beds, borders, perennial beds and cut flowers

What makes these tulips different are their slender flowers with often pointed, recurving petals. The flower stems are thin and not very sturdy, making them susceptible to wind damage. A few also make good cut flowers. This group does not contain as many cultivars as most other groups.

Most significant cultivars

  • ‘Aladdin’: deep red, yellow edged
  • ‘Ballade'” bright violet, white edged
  • ‘Ballarina’: blood-red
  • ‘China Pink’: luminous carmine pink
  • ‘Jan van Zanten’s Memory’: carmine red, lighter to the edge
  • ‘Mariette’: pure pink
  • ‘Maytime’: bright violet, white edged
  • ‘West Point’: bright yellow
  • ‘White Triumphator’: pure white