Fringed tulips

Family: Liliaceae

Flowering period: early or late

Average plant height: 35 – 75 cm

Spacing between bulbs: 7.5 cm

Type of bulb: bulb

Landscape uses: parks, beds and as cut flowers

More and more people are becoming interested in fringed tulips – so much so, that these tulips now have their own group. It must be remembered, however, that because the tulips in this group are mutants from various other groups, that heights and flowering periods will vary somewhat among them. The one characteristic they have in common, though, is their finely incised petals.

Most significant cultivars

  • ‘Arma’: bright yellow, early
  • ‘Blue Heron’: purple-violet, late
  • ‘Burgundy Lace’: deep carmine red, late
  • ‘Fringed Elegance’: bright yellow, mid-season to late