Split-corona daffodil

Family: Amaryllidaceae
Botanical name: Narcissus Split- corona

Flower colour: yellow, white and orange

Flowering period: April – May

Average plant height: 40 – 50 cm

Spacing between bulbs: 7.5 cm

Type of bulb: bulb

Grows the same as large-cupped narcissi.

Although these cultivars have been available for some time, interest in them has increased dramatically in recent years, making them much more common. The perianth does not really differ from trumpet and large-cupped narcissi, but the cup is split in such a way that it lies against the perianth to form a kind of inner perianth. All in all, it somewhat resembles a butterfly. These cultivars have only one flower to a stem and make good cut flowers.

Most significant cultivars

  • ‘Cassata’*: yellowish perianth, lemon-yellow cup
  • ‘Dolly Mollinger’: yellow with orange
  • ‘Mondragon’: yellow with orange
  • ‘Orangery’: white perianth, bright orange cup
  • ‘Palmares’: white and pink
  • ‘Papillon Blanc’: white and white
  • ‘Valdrome’: white and yellow

*Cultivars recommended for forcing