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Discover the joys of botanical tulips

Would you like to enjoy the first flowers to bloom in spring but not have to plant them out every year?It might seem odd to have all the benefits of something without all the work, but in this case, you can!This is because you only have to plant botanical tulips once. After that, their pretty shapes and colours will brighten up your garden year after year.

Special flower bulbs for a special garden

In addition to tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, you can also plant special Dutch flower bulbs. These flower bulbs are not as well-known, but this is exactly what makes them so special. The special spring-flowering bulbs are available in various colours, sizes and flowering periods. If you want a special garden, use these flower bulbs and let your imagination run free! Here is some information from about eight special kinds.

Trumpet daffodil crowned flower bulb of the year for 2014!

This year’s ‘flower bulb of the year’ is the trumpet daffodil. The trumpet daffodil comes from a group of 11 other types of daffodils, such as the double and large-cupped daffodil. What makes the trumpet daffodil unlike its cousins (as if you couldn’t guess) is its clearly trumpet-like shape. As ‘flower bulb of the year for 2014’, everyone can now get to know the various types, colours and scents of trumpet daffodils – and you can pick from so many kinds!