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Monet’s passion for flower bulbs

A very special love bloomed in the year 1886. Claude Monet, who was still unknown as a French painter at the time, was invited to accompany his host in the Netherlands for a drive to the flower bulb fields. Claude Monet called it simply ‘dazzling’. This was the very moment that his passion for flower bulbs emerged. Photographer Wouter Koppen travelled to Giverny to capture the painterly flower bulbs in bloom in Monet’s beautifully designed gardens.

A dream garden featuring the bright colors of flower bulbs

Miracles really do happen! In fact, you’ll find miracles in your own garden… if you nudge them along the way. So why not make your dream garden a reality by planting flower bulbs and meeting these natural miracles in person? Plant your flower bulbs in the fall and your garden will amaze you next spring – a garden to get away from life’s daily routines and where fantasies can really come true.

Planting flower bulbs: a few minutes’ effort for weeks of pleasure

Anyone can plant flower bulbs! It’s so easy and the rewards are so great. Try it sometime – it’s a nice little job for a fall day! Spring-flowering bulbs such as crocuses, daffodils, tulips and grape hyacinths give your garden a special touch. If you plant flower bulbs in your garden or pots, you can’t help but have a colorful spring – no matter what the weather!

Plant flower bulbs for ‘real’ social contact

Our social media gives us daily contact with hundreds of friends with whom we can share everything about our lives. Because we already know what’s going on with everyone, we’re no longer seeing and talking with each other that often. But what a pity! We really shouldn’t let virtual contact exclude the pleasure of real contact. So why not get together with your neighbors, sisters, friends or kids and spend a day planting flower bulbs? It’s lots of fun. And there are more benefits than just personal contact: being in touch with the natural world is relaxing, and you’ll be enjoying the first colors of spring right in your own garden. You’ll also have some nice pictures to share on your social media!

Happiness from January through May

Every season has its own special charm in the garden. But after a bleak autumn and cold winter, every gardener can hardly wait to see those colorful flowers in bloom again. Simply because they put a smile on your face. And also, perhaps, because their arrival announces the coming of spring when growth and flowering in the garden really takes off. Did you know that spring-flowering flower bulbs can brighten up your garden from January through May? Every month, you’ll be greeted by the beauty of different varieties.