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Flower bulb street party

Spring is the perfect time to plant summer bulbs. Why not turn bulb planting into a flower bulb street party? Invite your neighbors, decorate the street, and provide some nice treats. If you make planting summer bulbs a festive event, you not only turn it into a fun experience, but everyone on your street will then be able to enjoy the cheerful flowers when summer arrives.

Garden trend 2024 – Meaningful Earth

The environmental concerns that have kept our minds occupied for several seasons now are reflected in this garden trend. We realize more and more that biodiversity and nature are indispensable for a healthy living environment. The Meaningful Earth trend depicts the garden as a symbol of fertility and strength.

Garden trend 2024 – Viva la Vida

With all the ongoing crises in the world, we feel the need to celebrate life and take a break from all the misery and negativity. And that is precisely what the ‘Viva la Vida’ garden trend is all about. It is a trend full of cheerfulness, passion, expression and color. Dream away in an atmosphere reminiscent of Southern Europe or Central America.